Address :
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church - 3510 Queen St, Regina, SK S4S 2G2, Canada

Start Time : 7:00 PM

End Time : 8:00 PM

Contact Name : Kelly Pierson

Contact Telephone : 306-545-4400

Contact Email :

Notes :

We welcome family members, care partners and anyone who has an interest in learning about Parkinson Disease in a friendly and supportive environment. Meetings are informal and often include a presentation by an invited speaker, such as a healthcare professional or complementary therapist.

Regina Support Group Meetings

Where:        St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 3510 Queen Street, Regina

Time:           6:30 registration with program at 7 pm

When:          First Tuesday of the Month – March 5, 2019; April 2, 2019;May 7, 2019; and June 4, 2019(Social event). No meetings in January, February, July, and August.

The Regina Support Group welcomes family members, care partners, and anyone with an interest in learning about Parkinson Disease in a friendly and supportive environment. Meetings are informal and often include a presentation by an invited speaker, such as a healthcare professional. Contact Valerie  306-584-3267 or


Support Group Activities

Regina Parkinson Exercise Group
When:            Tuesday and Thursday 11:45 am – 12:45 pm
Where:          South Leisure Centre – 170 Sunset Dr.
Cost:              $5.00 drop in. (Free for partners and spouses) Contact:

The Regina Parkinson’s Group Exercise program is designed to help cope with Parkinson symptoms and promoting wellness in general. The class is geared towards individuals who have decreased range of motion, muscular strength, endurance, and balance issues. Jessica Lewgood, 306-533-8454,

Class Information is available online at



Regina Creative Dance for Parkinson Disease
When:            Monday – 2:00 to 3:00 pm FYI: Classes start Jan 27th 2020
Where:          Lakeview United Church 3200 McCallum Avenue
Cost:              $5 per person

Participants explore movement with music in ways that are enjoyable, stimulating and fun with Fran Gilboy from FADA Dance. Designed for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. Open to participation with partners, caregivers, and friends. The dates for the 2020 classes are: January 6, 20; February 3, 10, 24; March 9, 23; April 6, 20,; May 4, 18; June 1, 15, 29.  Contact Valerie  306-584-3267 or


Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s

The DPSC’s Exercise Therapist has completed the specialised training required for certification as a Rock Steady Boxing Coach and affiliate location at the University of Regina.

Each class will be open to maximum 15 participants. Participants in the program will include persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (all stages of disease progression). Participants can register for one or two classes per week and register for the series of classes offered in each session.


Initial Assessment

Every person wishing to join the Rock Steady Boxing class will require an initial assessment prior to the class, to ensure the participant is suited to the program and assess the appropriate level they can work at.

Assessments are scheduled through the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre and cost $60 for a 1 hour assessment. Follow-up assessments after training will be optional.

You will not be able to register for classes, until you’ve had an assessment.  If you have not yet been assessed, please have your physician complete the medical clearance form, and fax it to the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre.  We will then contact you to schedule an appointment!


Personal Equipment

Each individual will be required to purchases Boxing wraps and gloves for this class.  The DPSC is working to purchase these items at a discounted rate that can be passed on to participants.  Cost of the gloves and wraps will be approximately $50.


Class Schedule

Monday, Jan 6- April 27 2:00pm

Wednesday, Jan 8- April 29 2:00pm

Fridays,  Jan 10- May 1 at 10:45am


Participants who register for any classes will have the option to make monthly payments.


Register Online (search Rock Steady Boxing) or call 306-585-4371