Research holds the key to unlock the mysteries of Parkinson’s disease, to improve your quality of life through better treatments, and to move us closer to a cure.

The Parkinson Canada Research Program funds research to improve our understanding of Parkinson’s disease, related disorders including Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), other Parkinson’s conditions and the impact these diseases have on society.

About the Parkinson Canada Research Program

Sharing international knowledge

Dr. Andrew Lees delivered the 2017 Donald Calne lecture
The Donald Calne Lectureship invites a renowned Parkinson’s researcher from around the world to give a special lecture each year in Canada. Watch, listen and learn from this series of recorded Donald Calne lectures.

Research partnerships

Parkinson’s research is a cooperative endeavour. Research partnerships enable us to make better use of resources and increase research funding capacity to meet the health research needs of people living with Parkinson’s more effectively.

Impact and Results


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Featured Researcher
Université de Montréal researcher Diana Matheoud has identified the way cells respond to infection or stress as a potential indicator of the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

As of September 2018, Parkinson Canada and its partners are proud to support 24 new grant, fellowships and student awards.

Current Research

Explore the archives of Research Highlights publication and annual summaries of research projects funded before 2013.