Helping people with Parkinson’s manage their care

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As Canada’s population ages, more people are living with Parkinson’s disease. Given a limited number of neurologists located mainly in big cities, people will have to manage the symptoms of their chronic and progressive illness between infrequent visits to specialists. Dr. Deepa Dash, a neurologist, has a two-year clinical fellowship in movement disorders at The Ottawa Hospital and the Ottawa … Read More

The Tale of Two Proteins

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Raphaella So knows her research into two proteins involved in Parkinson’s disease won’t lead to a new therapy in time to save her grandfather from the ravages of the illness. Shu Shan Chang was diagnosed with Parkinson’s nearly 20 years ago and has been using a wheelchair for the last 11 years. “Realistically, moving from [animal] research to clinical drug … Read More

The link with REM sleep behaviour disorder

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Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) is a condition in which patients thrash about while acting out dreams. Within the first 10 years of being diagnosed with the disorder, people are at high risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. At Western University, neuroscience graduate student Erind Alushaj is using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to scan the brains of people with … Read More