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Look for Parkinson Canada coin boxes, featuring the Barretto family, in LCBO locations all across Ontario this month.

Starting April 29th, can support Parkinson Canada at more than 660 LCBO stores across Ontario. Donation boxes for Parkinson Canada will be at LCBO checkout counters until May 26.

Parkinson Canada will invest the funds raised through the LCBO donation boxes into education, advocacy and research initiatives as well as in its more than 80 support groups in Ontario alone.

Watch Lena Barretto's Story
Lena has an inspiring message to share with all of us: “I never give up.”
Over twenty years ago, Joyce Barretto's mother, Lena, was diagnosed with Parkinson's. When her family looked for information about the disease, they found something they weren't expecting.

They found a community, a family.
"A little bit of money can go a lot further if people are talking to each other, sharing the research, sharing the information."
- Joyce Barretto
This sharing is at the heart of what Parkinson Canada does, with the support of our valued donors. It is why every time you support research or treatment - that support spreads out in a ripple effect across the country.

Lena's story of her relentless drive to live well with Parkinson's disease also applies to the sense of community and connection that the #MyParkinsonFamily campaign is looking to build.
"What you don't use, you lose."
- Lena Barretto
As for Lena, she demonstrates a generosity of her own as she continues to lead three generations of her own family with tremendous love and compassion.

Parkinson Canada is one of 28 provincial (and numerous local) charities that will benefit from LCBO’s province-wide donation box program in 2018. In fiscal 2016 -17, LCBO raised a total of more than $13.3 million for charities through in-store fundraising, special programs and initiatives. In addition, LCBO’s annual dividend transfer to the Ontario government, which totalled $2.06 billion in fiscal year 2016-17, supports a wide range of important government programs, services and priorities, including health care and education.

Parkinson Canada sincerely thanks Canadians for their support when shopping at their local LCBO store from April 29– May 26, 2018.

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"Through an extensive network of more than 667 stores across the province, the LCBO helps improve the lives of countless Ontarians in the communities where we work and live."

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