Sault Ste. Marie – Dancing with Parkinson’s

The acclaimed Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) exercise program is now in Sault Ste. Marie under the direction of local Studio Directors from Elite Dance Force, Kaitlin Pelletier and Christina Trevisan.

People living with Parkinson’s of every age, stage and ability are invited to experience the joys and benefits of dance while creatively addressing Parkinson’s-specific concerns.

Studies show that the area of the brain affected by PD is also used while dancing and demonstrate that dance is uniquely beneficial. Dance appears to meet many, if not all, of the recommended components for exercise programs designed for individuals with PD. The benefits of dance include improved balance and gait function as well as improved quality of life. Beyond the physical benefits, dance encourages social inclusion and personal and artistic expression, which could lead to benefits in areas of depression and anxiety. A number of leading neurologists and movement disorder specialists include Dancing with Parkinson’s classes among a shortlist of recommended activities for their patients.

Classes run every Tuesday from 1:30 – 2:30 pm at the Elite Dance Force Studio, 477 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie.

Cost for a 6-week program is $30 + hst. (Please call 705-450-3335 to find out when the next 6-week program begins.)

· Previous dancing experience is not required. Classes begin with seated dancing, followed by dancing in a standing position. Standing sections of the class include seated options for those who prefer to continue dancing in a seated position.
· Participants are asked to dress in comfortable attire. Class can be done in soft dance slippers, socks, or non-marking/clean street shoes.
· Classes are designed to be physically, cognitively, and creatively stimulating and incorporate a variety of different musical and dance styles.
· Care Partners are invited to observe/volunteer during the class.

Event Details
Contact Name : Kaitlin Pelleter or Christina Trevisan
Contact Telephone : (705) 450-3335