Parkinson Canada CEO Joyce Gordon

Earlier this year, I shared with the Board of Directors of Parkinson Canada my plan to retire March 31, 2020.

My fifteen years as CEO with the Parkinson Community have given me many great memories to treasure. It is an honour for me to have had the opportunity to bring about numerous positive changes that put the needs of people with Parkinson’s disease and their families on the radar of governments, funders and decision makers. Building partnerships and coalitions along the way has really moved the public understanding of the needs of people with Parkinson’s.

I am proud of the collective impact we have on the research community in Canada that leads to discoveries and better treatments.  Through targeted funding of Parkinson’s-specific projects and fellowships, and engagement with leading experts, we have grown the number of trained movement disorders specialists that people with Parkinson’s can access. That matters.

Parkinson’s and my work with our community is personal as I have family members living with the disease. While I may be retiring from my official post, Parkinson’s will always be an important part of my work and my family life. I will miss the day-to day interactions with you and our community. We have come a long way as an organization and as a collaborative community across Canada and that is a tribute to the many people who gave so much of themselves to make life better for all people living with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson Canada continues to grow and extend its reach and impact through the input and contributions of generous donors, volunteers, clinicians, people with Parkinson’s and people like you.

Parkinson Canada has a bold strategic vision for the future. Parkinson Canada will continue to thrive and grow with exciting new leadership that will guide Parkinson Canada into a brighter future that is closer than ever to bringing an end to Parkinson’s. I am working closely with the Board of Directors and the search committee as they unfold the succession plan.

If you know someone who would be a good champion for Parkinson Canada and the Parkinson’s cause, I invite you to click on the link below, find out more about this opportunity and share with your circle.