Parkinson Canada CEO Joyce Gordon

Whether you live with Parkinson’s and want to attend an education event in your community; or you are a caregiver needing support and advice, welcome to Family members, those seeking credible information to understand what your new diagnosis means, and health professionals looking for resources to share with  patients about the disease and treatments – we have something unique for each of you.

This is your online hub to Canada’s Parkinson’s community and a beacon for everyone touched by this life-changing disease. And we are able to provide these extensive virtual and printable resources thanks to our generous supporters and donors.

You’ll find plenty of information no matter where you are on your Parkinson’s journey or whatever your connection to someone living with the disease. Parkinson Canada’s recent collaborations and partnerships, as well as expert volunteers, have produced some outstanding resources that you can find here on

I suggest to people living with Parkinson’s and health care professionals, that you explore two new resources. The first is Parkinson’s Disease: An Introductory Guide, an illustrated book developed by Dr. Ron Postuma and Dr. Julius Anang in collaboration with McGill University Health Centre. Parkinson Canada is the exclusive print distributor so contact us if you need a hard copy of any of our education materials. We also offer Medications to Treat Parkinson’s Disease, a comprehensive guide of the different Parkinson’s medications available in Canada. This resource developed by pharmacists for health professionals and the community alike, provides explanations on the specific medications for Parkinson’s. You will learn how each medication works, its side effects and tips around medication adjustment. Always check with your health professional first, before adjusting your medications and dosing.

Keeping informed about the disease is one of our best tools to living well. You can register to participate in a range of upcoming webinars and podcasts on our Knowledge Network. Don’t worry if you have missed past presentations – these videos are available for replay on our YouTube channel and podcasts can be accessed from SoundCloud. Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and you’ll automatically receive updates as new content is added.

Parkinson Canada is proud to work with its Medical Advisory Committee of experts in a variety of fields. Their input ensures that we provide health care professionals with the latest information on Parkinson’s disease. This means other health professionals have access to resources that lead to the best care possible for people living with Parkinson’s. We offer online continuing education sessions for doctors, nurses and pharmacists. I encourage you to share these resources with your health care team members. Other learning modules are in development for other types of health professionals involved in Parkinson’s treatment.

You are not alone on your Parkinson’s journey. We are are here for you, with help and hope. We advocate on your behalf for issues that matter to you. We are grateful to each individual and organization who makes a generous donation. We are proud to work with other organizations and expert volunteers, making it possible for us to deliver credible services and resources to you and your family, and to your health care team.

Welcome if it’s your first time visiting Welcome back if you have visited us before. Want to share your questions or comments?  Send your feedback to