Parkinson Canada Board of Directors

Parkinson Canada is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members represent a cross-section of industries, geographies, experiences and skills. We acknowledge the leadership and contributions of our Officers and Directors.



Research Policy Committee

The Research Policy Committee (RPC) provides funding allocation recommendations to the Parkinson Canada Board of Directors. The RPC also advises the Board on policies about the most effective means to promote research into the cause(s), management and eventual cure of Parkinson’s disease.

The Research Policy Committee (RPC) and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) are two separate volunteer committees. The chair of the SAB also serves on the RPC to ensure continuity.

Dr. Pierre J. Blanchet, Chair, RPC
Dr. Ron Postuma
Dr. Wendy Horbay
Dr. Daniel Levesque
Dr. Julie Nantel
Dr. Angela Roberts
Ms. Sharon Yardley

Scientific Advisory Board

The annual research program application review process is undertaken by Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of Parkinson Canada. This volunteer, arms-length panel of experts is composed of some of the most prominent and respected physicians in the neurosciences field from across Canada. These neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropathologists and neuroscientists, assisted by external reviewers as needed, employ a proven, multidisciplinary peer-review system in their annual review of applications, which provides for the highest quality of objective adjudication.

Dr. Ron Postuma, Chair
Dr. Silke Appel-Cresswell
Dr. Frédéric Calon
Dr. Robert Chen
Dr. Bin Hu
Dr. Wayne Martin
Dr. Mario Masellis
Dr. Janis M. Miyasaki
Dr. Abid Oueslati
Dr. Caroline Paquette
Dr. Abbas Sadikot
Dr. Antonio Strafella
Dr. Michael G. Schlossmacher
Dr. Anurag Tandon
Dr. Louis-Eric Trudeau
Dr. Jean-François Trempe
Dr. Joel Watts

Finance and Audit Committee

Hassan Pirnia, Chair
Lindsay Abbey
Veeral Khatri
Nancy MacCready-Williams
Jon Nagamatsu
Jeff Potts
Marlin Stangeland

Investment Committee

(Sub-committee of Finance and Audit Committee)

Veeral Khatri, Chair
Lindsay Abbey
Hassan Pirnia (ex-officio)
Bill Saunderson
Marlin Stangeland
Mike Zegers

Governance and Nominating Committee

Laura Edgar, Chair
Wendy Horbay
Veeral Khatri
Marlin Stangeland

Human Resources Committee

Nancy MacCready-Williams, Chair
Julie Cafley
Hassan Pirnia
Michael Rothe

Government Relations and Advocacy Committee

Sprague Plato, Chair
Joyce Barretto
Megan Boyle
Lloyd Cowin
Daphne FitzGerald
Joan Gibson
Margaret Hanlon-Bell
John Parkhurst
Marc Pittet

Ontario Advocacy Committee

(Sub-committee of Government Relations and Advocacy Committee)

John Parkhurst, Chair
Lloyd Cowin
Daphne FitzGerald
Jean Keary
Sprague Plato
Alice-Betty Rustin
Yvon Trepanier
Jared Zaiman

Stakeholder Relations Committee

Margaret Hanlon-Bell, Chair
Julie Cafley
Daphne FitzGerald
John Parkhurst
Michael Rothe